Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe faces sanctions over allegations of money laundering and gold smuggling

March 27, 2023
Reserve bank of Zimbabwe | Report Focus News
Reserve bank of Zimbabwe

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is under scrutiny after allegations of money laundering and illicit gold dealings surfaced in a recent Al-Jazeera documentary. The bank’s governor, John Mangudya, has denied the claims, which detail how a criminal syndicate linked to President Emmerson Mnangagwa is allegedly smuggling gold from Zimbabwe to Dubai.

The documentary also exposed Mnangagwa’s ambassador-at-large, Ubert Angel, who was allegedly offering to use his diplomatic status to launder millions of US dollars through a gold-smuggling scheme. Undercover journalists posing as criminals uncovered the scheme.

While the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has denied all allegations of money laundering, Western countries have already imposed targeted sanctions on Zimbabwe, focusing on human rights abusers and those who facilitate corruption. The bank may now face additional sanctions if it fails to provide evidence that it is not involved in any illicit activities.

Zimbabwe’s central bank has stated that Zimbabwean gold was not sanctioned, and therefore there was no reason to resort to smuggling in order to sell the gold. However, the allegations made by Al-Jazeera have raised concerns about the country’s economic stability and its reputation in the international community.

Zimbabwe’s economy has been struggling for years, with inflation and a shortage of foreign currency making it difficult for businesses and citizens to operate. The country’s government has also faced criticism for human rights abuses and a lack of democracy.

The allegations against the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and President Mnangagwa’s administration are likely to further damage the country’s already fragile reputation and economy. The bank will need to provide clear evidence that it is not involved in any illegal activities if it hopes to avoid further sanctions and regain the trust of the international community.