Zimbabwean Police Arrest Zanu PF-Linked Drug Peddler ‘Dama’

February 23, 2023
Dama arrested | Report Focus News
Dama arrested

Zimbabwean police have detained Simbarashe Chanachimwe, a drug dealer affiliated with the ruling Zanu PF party who is known as Dama, after a period on the run since authorities launched a crackdown on illicit drug sales and use.

Dama’s arrest was confirmed by police national spokesperson Paul Nyathi in a statement on Wednesday. According to the statement, Dama was apprehended during a raid on his drug base in Block 14 Matapi Flats, Mbare Harare on February 9. Officers reportedly recovered 26 sachets of dagga and a 1.7-meter-tall mbanje plant during the operation.

Mbare, a suburb of Harare, is known for its high rates of drug and substance abuse. The ongoing anti-drug campaign “No to dangerous drugs and illicit substances” has resulted in the arrest of over 2,470 people, many of whom are low-level runners.

However, the operation has faced criticism for failing to target the drug lords who control the drug trade in the country. Many argue that the arrests of small-time dealers like Dama are unlikely to have a significant impact on drug trafficking.

Dama’s links to the ruling Zanu PF party have also raised concerns about the party’s involvement in drug trafficking. The government has denied these allegations, but critics argue that the arrests of Zanu PF-affiliated drug dealers like Dama suggest otherwise.

Dama is expected to face charges related to unlawful dealing in dangerous drugs. His arrest represents a small victory for authorities in their ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking in Zimbabwe. However, many believe that more needs to be done to target the drug lords who continue to profit from the country’s drug trade.