Former Detective Jaison Muvevi Detained for Further Investigations in Triple Homicide Case

January 18, 2023
Jaison Muvevi appears at Harare margistrates court 1200x600 1 | Report Focus News
Jaison Muvevi appears at Harare margistrates court 1200x600 1

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Former detective, Jaison Muvevi, who is accused of killing three people in Wedza last week, has been further detained by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) for further investigations. The investigating officer, Pisai Chikara, requested more time with the suspect, stating that they intend to take him to Wedza for further investigations before he can be charged.

During a court appearance, Muvevi protested going back into the hands of the police, stating that his former colleagues hung him up all night. However, the police applied for a warrant of further detention which was granted by the court. His lawyer, Samson Dzingira, argued that his client should be sent to prison and not back into police custody, stating that the State is trying to indirectly solicit for a confession. The magistrate ruled that no prejudice would be suffered if Muvevi goes back to the police.

Muvevi is facing charges of murder and attempted murder, he is accused of shooting dead an apostolic sect prophet, an officer in charge of Wedza police station and a bartender, and injuring one detective constable. He fled to Mozambique after attempting to kill one Raphael Nyahwema at Mutare Boys High, he was apprehended by civilians who handed him over to Mozambican police before his deportation back to Zimbabwe. He is expected to appear in court again on January 20th.

This case highlights the ongoing investigations into the tragic events that occurred in Wedza last week and the efforts of the Zimbabwe Republic Police to bring those responsible to justice.