National Railways of Zimbabwe Expresses Concern Over High Frequency of Accidents

January 10, 2023
| Report Focus News

The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has raised alarm over the increasing number of accidents at rail-level crossing points and on tracks. In the first week of the new year, three incidents have been recorded, with one resulting in a fatality.

The accidents took place in the towns of Hwange, Harare, and Zvishavane. In one incident, a man who was lying on the railway track at Deka Siding in Hwange was run over by a train on New Year’s Day, in what is suspected to be a suicide case. In another incident, a light motor vehicle was damaged when the driver failed to give way to a train at the Kambuzuma Level Crossing in Harare, luckily there were no injuries. On January 2nd, another adult male lost his leg after being hit by a train near Dorset in Zvishavane. He was taken to the Gweru Provincial Hospital.

The NRZ is concerned with the high frequency of accidents despite repeated awareness campaigns. In a statement, the parastatal said, “The NRZ is concerned with the high frequency of accidents occurring on rail-level crossing points and on tracks despite repeated awareness campaigns. A few days into the New Year, three such accidents have already been recorded resulting in one fatality and a serious injury.”

The NRZ is urging the public to be more cautious when using rail-level crossing points and tracks, and to adhere to safety regulations to prevent further accidents from happening. The parastatal is also reminding the public of the importance of checking for oncoming trains before crossing rail-level crossing points, and to never walk or play on tracks.

These incidents highlight the need for continued efforts to raise awareness about railway safety and to reduce the number of accidents. The NRZ is committed to working with the public to ensure the safety of everyone who uses the rail system.