Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Denies Ban on Winky D’s Music

January 4, 2023
Winky D | Report Focus News
Winky D

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has strongly denied social media reports that it has banned the airplay of Winky D’s latest music, which has been labelled as controversial and anti-government. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the public broadcaster made it clear that it does not discriminate against any music artists and is guided by the philosophy of leaving no one and no place behind.

The statement was issued in response to rumors circulating on various social media platforms alleging that Winky D’s songs had been banned on ZBC platforms. The broadcaster stressed that these allegations are unfounded and asked the public to be mindful of the spread of false information.

As a public broadcaster, ZBC is committed to providing diverse programming and promoting inclusivity in the media. It is important that all voices are heard and that no one is unfairly silenced or discriminated against. The corporation will continue to stand by these values and promote a culture of tolerance and respect for all.