Citizens Coalition for Change party announces readiness for Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections

December 31, 2022
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Moyo Kwekwe violenceP1 2

Zimbabwe’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party has announced that it is ready for the country’s upcoming elections. The party, which was formed almost a year ago, has finalized its constitution, manifesto, candidate selection template, and election strategy.

In a series of tweets, CCC leader Nelson Chamisa stated that the party’s PREPARE (Pre-Election Pact on Electoral Reforms) document has also been launched, along with documents on diaspora policy, government transition and power transfer strategy, grassroots engagement, transformation and reconstruction roadmap, fundraising and resources, youth and women platforms, and a local authorities strategy.

Chamisa added that the CCC has already won 19 out of 29 parliamentary seats and 89 out of 149 council seats, and is “far ahead and future-ready.” Zimbabwe’s elections are expected to be held in July or August. Chamisa lost the presidential elections in 2018, but has refused to concede defeat.

Acting President Constantino Chiwenga has emphasized the importance of peaceful elections in Zimbabwe and the need for good sportsmanship in accepting the results. “Violence has no place in Zimbabwe’s elections,” he said. “We must show the world that we are a peaceful and indeed a converged nation emerging from the unity of winners and losers joining hands in national development.

When one loses, you must accept and try hard the next time. Not to say, ‘No it is supposed to be me who must have won.’ There has to be a winner and a good loser. This is the Zimbabwe we want.”