Two bouncers arrested and charged with attempted murder after attacking patrons at Harare nightclub

December 29, 2022
Gideon sanyangore | Report Focus News
Gideon sanyangore

On Unity Day, two bouncers at a nightclub in Harare, Zimbabwe, were caught on video attacking patrons and fighting other bouncers. Gideon Sanyangore, 32, and Blessing Kumunda, 36, have been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The altercation reportedly began when other bouncers tried to prevent Sanyangore and Kumunda from entering the club.

According to police, the men have previously been arrested for violence. Sanyangore was convicted of assault earlier this year and was ordered to perform community service. The club management stated that one of their security staff members was stabbed during the incident.

The suspects are set to appear in court on Friday. Police are reportedly consolidating the men’s outstanding case files from other stations.