Hwange Power Station Restored to Full Capacity, Ending Weeks of Loadshedding in Zimbabwe

December 23, 2022
Hwange Power New | Report Focus News
Hwange Power New

ZESA, the power utility company in Zimbabwe, has announced that five out of the six units at the Hwange Thermal Power Station are now operational, leading to an end to the weeks of 18-hour loadshedding schedules.

The company stated that the broken down units at Hwange have been repaired, leading to the improvement in power production. Previously, ZESA had only been producing power from two units at Hwange.

In addition to increased generation at Hwange, ZESA has also secured additional imports from other Southern African Power Pool members to support supply until the Kariba reservoir recovers in the first quarter of next year.

ZESA assured customers that they will not experience the same level of load curtailment during the festive season and has plans in place to improve service delivery and increase capacity. Units 7 and 8, which are under construction, are set to be commissioned next year and will add 600 MW of power to the national grid.