White Zimbabweans say Gemma has no fixation with black men

December 22, 2021
| Report Focus News
While you are at it, check out Gemma Griffiths latest project AVA the music video

With all the drama resulting from the Tsitsi Dangarembga tweet regards her concerns about Winky D’s white girl fixation.

We felt it would be fitting to do a parody article reporting the opposite side of the story.

Report Focus News decided to poke fun and see the humorous side of it all.

So, all you racist don’t get too excited and miss the point.

Not a single white person in the white community of Zimbabwe that we spoke to thinks that Gemma Griffiths has a black man fixation.| Report Focus News

According to the white community of Zimbabwe Gemma is an artist and is free to express her musical art and videos in any way that she feels inspired to do.

Asked if they did not have a Tsitsi Dangarembga equivalent in their community? The response was “well we do.” And when asked to direct us to (her) we were pointed to the same Tsitsi. The prominent author, yes the (Nervous Conditions) author. You see she belongs to us all, black or white. She is as Zimbabwean as any of us. We love our cross-cultural-Tsitsi.| Report Focus News

We also love Gemma Griffiths, yes- the much-loved musician, a very talented vocalist and gifted pianist. One would argue she is as Zimbabwean as they come.

Our Gemma is a beautiful white lady who sings in ChiShona and English. She has done collaborations with Winky D and Knox.| Report Focus News

She has done a cover of Winky D’s Musarova BigMan.

While you are at it, check out Gemma Griffiths latest project AVA the music video.

Speaking about her new project on her Facebook page Gemma said:

“We had so much fun filming this piece. A bed on water, a maxing locations, a phenomenal dancer and an epic team. Shout out to @company_chabarwa for your art… To the team at @obscura_films_ for bringing my vision together in film. ✨ Check out the video through the link in my bio babes x”