Zimbabwean Government Group Calls for Ban on Popular Artist Winky D over ‘Divisive’ Lyrics

January 3, 2023
| Report Focus News
Zimbabwean musician Winky D

A pro-Zimbabwean government group known as Economic Empowerment Group (EEG) is calling for a ban on popular artist Winky D, citing his lyrics as divisive and potentially inciting civil unrest.

The EEG which is a Mike Chimombe-led youth empowerment outfit, wants the government to ban

Winky D, whose real name is Wallace Chirumiko, from performing or holding any live shows in Zimbabwe.

Winky D is known for his socially conscious and politically charged music, which touches on issues such as corruption, poverty, and human rights violations.

Critics of the ban argue that it is an attempt to silence dissenting voices and suppress freedom of expression.

Many of Winky D’s fans and fellow artists have come out in support of the musician, saying that his music is a form of protest and a means of raising awareness about the challenges facing Zimbabwe.

The situation has sparked a heated debate on social media, with those leaning towards the government calling for a boycott of Winky D’s music, while others are rallying behind him and calling the call for a ban on the artist a storm in a teacup. Nonetheless, some scholars and academics claim these are intimidation tactics to silence free speech.

“Why should the ZanuPF government be so disturbed by what Winky D sang about? He did not mention them by name, neither did he name any individual, but he spoke about the corruption and the suffering of the masses and if those in ZanuPF find that shoe fitting and as they have done choose to wear it then that’s their problem.” read one comment on our social media platform.

The controversy highlights the ongoing struggle for freedom of expression and democracy in Zimbabwe, where the government has been criticized for its crackdown on dissent and its failure to address the country’s economic and political crises.