Robert Mugabe’s widow ‘Gucci Grace’ will avoid arrest

September 8, 2019
| Report Focus News

Zimbabwe former president Robert Mugabe’s widow has been given top-level assurances that she will avoid arrest when she returns to Zimbabwe for his funeral.

Grace Mugabe, 54, has been worried that with the former dictator no longer by her side, she will be vilified and detained on government orders on corruption charges once back in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Diplomatic sources stressed she may still face an investigation into her finances, property ownership and bank accounts, said to be spread across the world, but with heads of state flying in and an international focus on Zimbabwe in the coming weeks, she will be allowed her time to grieve.

Her pain is said to be ‘immeasurable’ after Mugabe died in Singapore last Friday at the age of 95, leaving her to face his enemies and those she made herself as First Lady while married to the African leader.

The couple had been living quietly in a Singapore suburb since last April when despot Mugabe, ailing from poor eyesight, cancer and being unable to walk, flew in for treatment.

Their daughter Bona, 31, has studied in Singapore and is with her mother on the Island.

Grace was Robert Mugabe’s second wife and they married in 1996, having two sons and a daughter. He married his first wife Sally Mugabe in 1961 but she died in 1992.

Mugabe’s sons Robert Jr and Chatunga gained a reputation for their playboy lifestyle and were evicted from a flat in South Africa in 2017 after it was damaged in a party.

That same year, Chatunga was pictured on social media appearing to pour a £200 bottle of champagne over a watch which he claimed was worth £45,000.