A review of The Impala SAMA festival by Yollanda Musa

May 3, 2019
| Report Focus News

Impala Sama Festival took place on the Easter weekend and we saw some of Zimbabwean’s top artists which include Baba Harare, Jah Signal, Jah Prayzah, Tocky Vibes, Winky D and DJ Silence Dosh take the stage and deliver a weekend of spectacular performances in London, Leicester and Coventry.

Our reporter Yollanda Musa attended the London festival at Regents Place and reported the following.

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Amidst the lively musical performances and joyous dancing at the festival, I had the golden opportunity to speak to some very influential UK based and Zimbabwean born artists whom I met in the audience.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Shingai Shoniswa aka “Shingi” who you may know as the lead vocalist and bassist for the UK indie rock band Noisettes. Shingi is now a solo artist and we are loving her latest single Zimtron which features a very lively beat and the familiar mbira sound.

We asked Shingi what advice she would give to aspiring artists.

To which she responded

“Be yourself, do you boo, know your music, know your roots, know your heritage and your culture will nourish your music.

Be bold be fearless!”

Which of course is very fitting of the woman that she is and her name Shingai which means “be bold/courageous/strong in Shona.

We also spoke to Charlie Kay and O 25 (aka Oliver) who are UK based singers, song writers and rappers. Their brotherly love was so touching and they shared the story of how they met way back and started making music.

Oliver’s advice for aspiring artists is that “God’s timing is different for you from the other person so don’t stop. He emphasised that self-belief is key.”

Charlie Kay advised aspiring artists that “consistency, investing in your talent and working hard is key.”

Make sure you check out Charlie Kay’s new single Murudo featuring Gemma Griffiths which had us melting because it’s that smooth!

Last but not least I bumped into Joe Shyna who told us he’s been putting out music and enjoying the journey expressing himself.

Joe’s advice for aspiring artists is to do all you can with what you have and let the music talk.

He emphasised that everyone is different so we are all on a different journey.

Joe Shyna is giving us those sweet boy vibes in his new single ‘Stuck’ which is one for the ladies.