EU encourages Mnangagwa to continue with his reform agenda

April 3, 2019
| Report Focus News

The European Union has encouraged Zimbabwe to continue reform and engagement in order to enhance relations with the bloc and promote the well-being of Zimbabweans.

EU managing director for Africa Koen Vervaeke, who was visiting Zimbabwe last weekend in a statement Tuesday, after meeting government and opposition officials said Vervaeke had also urged the country to address the violent events that took place in the recent past.

“Based on extensive discussions with my interlocutors, we hope that the commitment to take the reform process in Zimbabwe forward and to address the violent events of the recent past will translate into tangible action,” Vervaeke said.

“Implementing political and economic reforms is crucial for the country to enter into a positive trajectory, and a broad national consensus would cement internal support. Progress on the reforms will also offer space for a strengthened partnership with the EU,” the EU official said.

The EU statement said that in Vervaeke’s discussions with Zimbabwean counterparts, he also dealt with matters of significant concerns regarding the country’s situation, particularly the consequences of Cyclone Idai and the food security crisis.