Zanu Pf youth league in turmoil as it passes vote of no confidence on its present leadership

February 6, 2019
| Report Focus News

It is reported that the Youth League has passed a vote of no confidence for the Chairman of the youth league, Pupurai Togarepi, his deputy Lewis Matutu, Tendai Chirau, Admire Mahachi and Mercy Mugomo.

The youth league leaders face charges of having failed to protect the first secretary of the party, E.D.Mnangagwa from attacks that he has been receiving lately.

| Report Focus News
Petition of vote of no confidence signed by disgruntled Zanu PF youth league

For some time, the term ‘Vote of no confidence’ had died down in ZANU PF. The action was started by the likes of Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa during the time that Joyce Mujuru and so-called-cabal were kicked out of ZANU PF. The term means a hostile takeover through a supposed extra ordinary meeting within the structures of the ruling political party.

Speaking to Report Focus, on condition of anonymity a Zanu-PF youth league insider said “The ghost has risen from the dead to come back and haunt the party once again. This time around it has chosen the youth league which seems to be the most vibrant wing of the party at the moment.”

The embattled youth leadership faces allegations of gross misconduct, incompetence and treachery amongst other things.

Many questions were raised at the appointment of Pupurai Togarepi as the Chairman of the youth league considering his age. Some political observers questioned if he could be classified as a youth hence this action does not come as a surprise, but, somewhat long overdue mail.

Ironically Tendai Chirau and Mercy Mugomo were at the forefront of defending the president during the 2018 election campaign. They rigorously campaigned on social media and organising marches during the just ended elections.

Such is politics, the final decision on the vote of no confidence rests with the National Disciplinary Committee many within the party are now eagerly awaiting waiting the verdict and the internal party politics to play out. This is but a mere tip of an iceberg to the bigger story to follow.