Government warns those plotting to topple Mnangagwa

January 3, 2019
| Report Focus News

Harare- Government has responded and warned opposition political parties and their leaders over what it termed “threats to overthrow the government”.

In a statement, Secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services,Nick Mangwana criticised the continuous campaigning mind set still gripping the opposition, describing it as retrogressive.

“Government takes note of media reports wherein some political entities made threats to overthrow the constitutionally-elected Government and subsequently install an unelected person as President of Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy with an elected leader, His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose term of office runs until 2023,” said Mangwana.

 “The President values unity, peace and tranquillity in the country and has urged the nation to focus on rebuilding the economy with the immediate business being that of delivering Vision 2030 aimed at making Zimbabwe an upper middle income economy,”

He added: “It will be recalled that in his 2019 New Year message, the President emphasised that elections are now behind us, and the time has come to refocus on improving livelihoods and the general welfare of our citizens.”

“Government therefore places on record that any attempts to topple the Government and institute the long failed illegal regime change will be frowned upon,”

The warning comes after reports that some non-governmental organisations were secretly plotting to topple President Mnangagwa, an allegation that has been described by the opposition as far-fetched.