Daggers out for MDC Vice President Mudzuri

November 26, 2018
| Report Focus News

Harare- Knives are out for MDC Alliance Vice President Engineer Elias Mudzuri as he is accused of betraying his party for attending a Senate function presided over by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In a video circulating on social media Mudzuri is seen being interrogated by some party officials who include parliamentarian Murisi Zwizwai.

With reference to the ejection from the august house of MDC parliamentarians for not recognising Mnangagwa, Zwizwai asked Mudzuri on what he was doing at State House.

“We have a situation where our MPs were ejected by police from parliament over Mnangagwa, why did you not phone others or check if there were your colleagues. Where you not startled by that” fumed Zwizwai

Another unidentified member of asked “You were the only MDC member why didn’t you consult with the party. You saw what happened with the Zanu PF police at parliament and of all the places State House so you are now endorsing Mnangagwa, were you not alarmed”

Mudzuri responded by saying “I was not alarmed at all”

Another member of the MDC, Lovemore Chinoputsa writing on Facebook said Mudzuri had just kissed goodbye to the MDC Alliance.

“This marks the end of the road for our vice President. You can’t keep on defying the party time and again. By choosing Mnangagwa over the party, Vice President Mudzuri has effectively expelled himself from the party. It was a pleasure working with you Elias. Hamba kahle (rest in peace)” wrote Chinoputsa

Mudzuri later on issued a statement saying he had gone to statehouse at the invitation of the Senate President. However, he castigated what parliamentarians from his party did saying they were majoring the minor.

“It is with sadness and unfortunate circumstances that my fellow junior parliamentarians would want to play petty politics on something that is party of my terms of reference as party deployee. If what I did was ‘illegal’ to my fellow parliamentarians then I want to understand what we are still doing in parliament as a party wasting tax payer’s money.

“I went to state house not to appease President Mnangagwa but to respect the office of Parliament. If I am wrong and they are right I would be proud to be fired from party because I represented the Party in Parliament business” responded Mudzuri

According to the Parliamentary Standing Rules and orders the President and deputy of senate accompanied by their proposers and seconders and other senators shall as soon as may be after their election present themselves to the President.
The MDC is adamant that they won’t recognise Mnangagwa as President this despite a Constitutional Court declaration that he won the July 30 Presidential elections
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