Controvesial preacher Passion Java in sex gaffe

November 21, 2018
| Report Focus News

By Blessing Masakadza

Controvesial preacher Passion Java has been caught up in controversial chanter Jah Signal’s naughty stonyeni lyrics, a development which has set social media abuzz.

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While Java’s love for Zimdancehall is evident, this time he has stirred controversy by associating himself with lyrics viewed by many as being vulgar.

The preacher who refers to himself as Gafa — probably borrowed from dancehall star Winky D — was in the company of fellow “prophets” and women in a boat in the Bahamas when he made reference to the popular stonyeni line. “Tichibva pano manheru tirikunorova stonyeni… tobva tati sticken, ipapo tinenge tapedza kunamata…”

This has been interpreted by many on social media who believe Java meant to say; “we will be having sexual intercourse tonight after prayers.”

Stonyeni is street lingo for sexual intercourse and while it is his biological right to have it, the morality of him announcing it on social media while also talking about prayer is baffling.

While Jah Signal has over time tried to explain what stonyeni means in his popular song Shinga Muroora, referring to it as love, his definition is viewed as an attempt to sanitise the dirty word.

The chanter in one of his songs made reference to the “prophet” and this could be an endorsement of his art.

The latest development, based on street definition, has divided opinion with some criticising Java for making his sexual intentions known with some saying he has not been briefed on what stonyeni means.

The preacher is also on record singing along to dancehall tracks and of late being fascinated by Enzo Ishall’s Kanjiva and Smart Rinotangira Kutsoka.

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In one of the videos he is recorded dancing and singing with a friend to Smart Rinotangira Kutsoka.

Enzo’s influence has since crossed borders and has not escaped the eyes and ears of the preacher who went on to announce his return to the country next month from Dubai where he has been staying.

Zimdancehall seems to have managed to cut across generations with a number of church leaders inviting the artistes to perform at their churches. Daily News