President Mnangagwa strips Chiwenga’s millitary power

November 2, 2018
| Report Focus News

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has stripped Vice President Chiwenga of his powers to have control over the military.

The gazetted statutory instrument 214 of 2018 said:

His Excellency the President has in terms of Section 104(1) of the Constitution as read with Section 37(2) of the Interpretation Act assigned to the Honourable Vice President responsible for Procurement and Research
A) The Administration of the Acts as set out in the Schedule and
B) The functions conferred or imposed on the Honourable Vice President save the extent that those functions have not been assigned to any other minister.

Assignment of Functions (Vice President responsible for the Ministry of Defense and War Veterans) Notice 2018 published in Statutory Instrument 96 of 2018 is hereby repealed.

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