Zimbabwe Man Claims He Has Found Cure For HIV & Cancer

October 29, 2018
| Report Focus News

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya and a group of Indian researchers say they have discovered a herb, Aguma, which they claim can treat HIV and cancer, two of the biggest killer conditions in recent times.

Making the announcement during the church’s fifth anniversary in Harare yesterday, Prophet Magaya said through their health subsidiary, Aretha Medical, and with the aid of an Indian company, they discovered the Aguma herb that contains phytochemicals with powerful antioxidant properties that can boost the immune system and also cure cancer.

He said they had registered Aguma as a supplement and have also spoken to the Government, which he says will have the final say when it makes its own tests on the herbal medicine.

“When I approached the Government, their response made me feel that they were ready to support us. Government will carry out its own research and is summoning a local research board to bring in people who are HIV-positive and take statistics on people taking Aguma,” he said.

“They will test it for any threats to health, its efficacy, side effects among many other things and have the final say. But we are happy with the research findings made in India,” he said.

Prophet Magaya said Aguma Onco powder was for cancer treatment while Aguma capsules were an immune booster and would be available on the market starting on Saturday.

Chemicals found in Aguma, Prophet Magaya said, can boost immunity.
‘‘The plant is found in Zimbabwe. I have tested Aguma fully on human beings and in 14 days they have been cured.

“I was offered US$56 million by an American company for me to show them the Aguma plant, I turned them down,” he said.

The supplement will be sold through network marketing and PHD Ministries members will undergo training on the concept and also on the product.

Prophet Magaya said Aguma, which is 100 percent organic, had undergone the appropriate registration as a supplement in Zimbabwe and that Aretha Medical had also approached the World Health Organisation.
“We wrote to the World Health Organisation and they gave us a letter.

“They said they would work hand-in-hand with Government rather than individual-to-individual. The Zimbabwean Government has the right to speak on this,” he said.

“We have a clinical licence and have bought viral load and CD4 count machines.
“We have begun building the biggest laboratory in Africa where testing will take place,” he added.
Prophet Magaya said people on ARVs should not stop taking them should they decide to take Aguma.

“I do not have the right to tell people to stop taking ARVs. Those on ARVs should continue taking them,” he added.

“The Aguma plant is plentiful and won’t deplete anytime soon and we are the first people to discover the plant,” he added. “I want to donate Aguma to HIV positive people so that anyone who wants to do independent tests can do so.’’