Presidential spokesperson hints Chiwenga is battling ‘serious ailment’

October 19, 2018
| Report Focus News

Constantino Chiwenga is reportedly on “special diet”, with the presidential spokesperson George Charamba hinting that he is battling “serious ailment”.

Presidential Spokesperson Charamba said that Chiwenga was on a special diet, adding that he was developing stomach acids that were “very bad”.

Charamba said this, following Chiwenga’s coming from South Africa where he received medical treatment.

The former military chief was now recovering from home and would miss work for a while, Charamba was quoted as saying.

“Apparently, you have to give it time to allow internal body tissues to heal both large and small intestines were attacked. But he must also remain calm and rested to sure that there is no relapse into excessive secretion of acids in the body. He is on a special diet because of the delicacy in his stomach,” Charamba was quoted as saying.