UK : Zimbabwe Man jailed for aggravated burglary

December 1, 2017
| Report Focus News

A man who forced entry into a house with a knife to carry out a violent attack has been jailed.

Michael Murisa, 24 (14.01.93), of Sowerby Close, Greenwich, was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment at Woolwich Crown Court on Thursday, 30 November.

He was convicted at the same court on Wednesday, 29 November of one count of aggravated burglary and one count of violent disorder.

At about 01:00hrs on 7 July 2017 a group of males, including Murisa, forced their way into a property in Milverton Way, SE9.

The group, who were wearing hoodies and had their faces covered, smashed through a window and unlocked the front door to allow themselves into the premises. Some of the males were armed with knives.

One of the occupants, a man aged in his 20s, was disturbed by the banging and smashing that was coming from the front of the house, so he went to investigate.

When the group entered the property they told them to ‘chill, relax’.

The victim saw that some of the males were holding knives. One of the suspects then shouted ‘it’s not him, it’s not him’ before fleeing from the property.

The victim closed the door behind him and tried to barricade it by standing across it. One of the suspects poked a knife through the broken window, before all the males got into a vehicle parked up outside and drove off.

The victim then went to check on his family. No one was injured.

The neighbours were also disturbed and called the police and provided the vehicle registration.

The vehicle was found abandoned in Oakley Drive later the same day and a number of knives were recovered from the car.

Detectives carried out a number of enquiries including speaking to witnesses, reviewing CCTV footage and carrying out forensic testing.

Officers recovered DNA from the scene, which was an exact match for Murisa.

Murisa was arrested and charged on 27 July 2017.

DC Husna Nessa, the investigating officer from Greenwich’s Violent and Organised Crime Unit said: “This was a traumatic ordeal for the family who had their home broken into by a group of masked men who were intent on causing harm.

“Some of the males entered with knives in hand but on seeing the victims they realised they were at the wrong address and ran back out of the premises. Luckily no one was seriously injured on this occasion. The victim and neighbours were horrified and left shaken by the incident.

“Working alongside partner agencies such as the Crown Prosecution Service helped secure the best result for the victims and the community.”