Former Minister Mandi Chimene Stole my husband

November 30, 2017
| Report Focus News

FORMER Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs Mandiitawepi Chimene stands accused of causing the collapse of a Harare couple’s marriage.

The former minister is reported to have wrecked the 14-year-old marriage between Claudius Mukandiwa, who is 37 years her junior, and Joseline Mukandiwa, 33.

The Mukandiwas, who tied the knot in 2010, have five children together with the youngest being twins, now two years old.

Revelations are that Mukandiwa had not been going home saying he would be on duty with the minister.

H-Metro is in possession of a text message which Chimene sent to Joseline requesting to have custody of the children.

“As for (the child), u had said haudi naye. If u have changed ur mind, also send him am already arranging his place as an alternative to ur earlier decision when we discussed the matter last year,” reads the message by Chimene to Joseline.

When she spoke to H-Metro, Joseline said she was bitter that Chimene who was supposed to be a motherly figure and ‘building’ existing marriages had destroyed hers.

“Minister Chimene is heartless. How can she use her influence to destroy my marriage?

“Is it that I am poor and have nowhere to tell my story?

“Who will marry me with my five children?

She said Mukandiwa had indicated that he was divorcing her but the matter was still to be heard in the courts of law.

Mukandiwa’s phone was answered by a woman.

“Mukandiwa haapo. Ohh that story (hubby snatching) ummm you phoned panumber dzabamkuru vacho,” said the woman who answered before hanging.

Efforts to engage the person were futile as the phone went unanswered before being switched off. Hmetro