Mugabe to face impeachment if he refuses to resign as Zimbabwe President

November 17, 2017
| Report Focus News

Robert Mugabe faces a possibility of impeachment if he does not resign as president, according to reports.

Earlier in the week, the military seized control of the country in a ‘bloodless coup.’

Although a military spokesman gave a statement on television to say they were only targeting people close to Mugabe, the president was detained under house arrest.

The leaders of the ruling party in the country, Zanu-PF, are reported to be meeting to draft a resolution to oust Mugabe if he does not voluntarily resign.

The former guerilla continues to insist he is the rightful ruler of the country, amid mounting pressure to accept the offers made for a smooth exit.

According to a senior party source, the arrangement will see the president fired on Sunday and impeached on Tuesday if he chooses not to step down.

This week’s events saw tanks rolling into the capital of Harare and a general sense of confusion as to the unfolding situation.