WATCH: Robert Mugabe son pours champagne over his ‘expensive watch’ as he parties in Sandton

November 8, 2017
| Report Focus News

Harare – A video has emerged of President Robert Mugabe‘s youngest son, Bellarmine Chatunga, pouring champagne over his ‘expensive watch’ while his brother and other friends party.

Music blares in the background, and there is a short glimpse of Mugabe’s other son, Robert Junior with his arm draped around a young woman, apparently at a night club or bar in Sandton, where the brothers are currently based.

Watch the video below. 

Then the video turns to Bellarmine and another unidentified person pouring champagne from a bottle of Armand de Brignac gold over their watches.

The champagne sells for several hundred US dollars per bottle.

It wasn’t clear if the watch doused in the sparkling wine was the same one that Bellarmine posted a picture of on his Instagram feed recently with the caption: “$60 000 on the wrist when your daddy run the whole country ya know!!!”

That picture has elicited some angry comments from Zimbabweans on social media who see it as further evidence of the Mugabe boys’ extravagance at a time when most Zimbabweans are struggling to make ends meet.

It’s clear where Bellarmine got his expensive taste for jewellery from: his mother is currently engaged in a court battle to regain the best part of $1.3 million she claims she was defrauded of when she paid for a substandard diamond ring to mark her 20th wedding anniversary.