Zimbabwean FA boss Philip Chiyangwa cant account for 2 million supplied by FIFA

November 1, 2017
| Report Focus News

Zimbabwean Football Association boss Philip Chiyangwa could be in hot water after failing to account for $2 million from FIFA.

Media reports in the Southern African country reveal that FIFA has given ZIFA close to $2 million for administration, pitch development, women and grassroots support.

The revelation by FIFA comes at a time when the women’s league in Zimbabwe is in disarray due to lack of funding and organisational challenges.

The challenges have resulted in women football clubs boycotting games, demanding money and change of the executive.


A member of the FIFA communications team released a statement that the world football governing body has given ZIFA a total of $851 000 to assist in the costs of operating the association since January 2016.

“FIFA has provided financial support of $851 000 to Zifa to assist in the costs of operating the federation since January 2016,” said Oleg Sokol.

“The association has access to $750 000 annually for football projects such as pitches, competitions and women’s football.

“The aim is to improve the way we develop and support football across the globe, so that the sport can reach its potential in every nation and so that everyone that wants to take part can do so without barriers.”

Meanwhile, Chiyangwa is set to vacate his role as ZIFA president in March 2018 after taking over in December 2015, with some within his executive pushing for early polls so that he can part ways with the FA.