Drama as woman storms out of hotel undressed

October 27, 2017
| Report Focus News

A Bulawayo woman bolted out of a hotel room midday last week on Friday with only a body towel covering her decency as she went around town trying to locate the nearest police station.

She ended up at the Bulawayo Central Police Station, but failed to tell the police what she was running away from.

“A woman who seemed mentally-challenged stormed Bulawayo Central Police Station undressed. The police could not open  a docket because she did not reveal to them what had happened. She was just hallucinating and they (police) could not do anything before she was given some clothes to put on and went away,” said Bulawayo provincial police Inspector Precious Simango.

Sources at the hotel told B-Metro that she arrived with a man believed to be a disc jockey based in Botswana all lovey dovey carrying shopping bags with new clothes.

“For the record she’s a pretty woman. She came with a guy who had booked here and they were in good spirits coming from shopping for new clothes. The man even left $2 000 by the reception for safe keeping but I think he was just showing off because there are safes in the rooms,” said the source.

The couple that had seemingly drawn the attention of people by the foyer went upstairs and were not expected down anytime soon.

“They were even touching each other joyfully as they went to their room. I could tell something was going to happen upstairs, although not what came to be,” added the source.

In about half an hour, people going about their business, mostly lunch were shocked by screams of a woman and even more surprised by the character who was barefooted wrapped in a hotel towel.

She dribbled  past hotel potters who tried to calm her down. Then came hotel security to lock her down and avoid the public spectacle, but she side-stepped two security officers and pushed the third who lost balance as she went for the home run.

“She only stopped at the intersection to give way to cars but she had left them (security) behind. She was confused on what route to take and one security guard caught up. In public he couldn’t do anything but ask questions,” said a taxi driver outside the hotel.

“The police called us to the station and that’s when she got her clothes and we got our towel,” said a hotel staffer.

The man at the centre of the drama was probed by the hotel security about what transpired in the room.

“He said the woman went to bath because they were about to have some quality time and as she came out of the bathroom she looked at the guy and from nowhere, started screaming. No one really knows what happened and worse the man was not giving in much. He was not reported for any crime. I guess whatever the woman saw is bigger than crime,” said the hotel source.