What God told me about Mugabe’s death – Prophet Mugadza

October 18, 2017
| Report Focus News

A Zimbabwean Pastor, Phillip Mugadza, who prophesied that the country’s President, Robert Mugabe will die on October 17, 2017, says God has postponed the death of the president.

Mugadza, who is the leader of Remnant Pentecostal Church, had in January predicted that Mugabe will die on the aforementioned date.

However, the Prophet in a statement said, “It was brought to me to say that there has been a postponement of the prophetic word which I had spoken in the month of January 2017.

“As to why God postponed that‚ He never told me that – so I really don’t know why God chose that direction.

“I know many people were actually expecting the fulfilment of the prophetic word‚ because of what is happening in this nation. This can only be speculation as to why it happened and how it got to be like that.”

The 93-year-old made the declaration while addressing thousands of his supporters at a rally in his home town of Chinhoyi.