Armed robbers gang rape woman

September 6, 2017
| Report Focus News

Three suspected armed robbers allegedly kidnapped an Epworth woman and her daughter during the night and took them to a secluded area where they took turns to rape the woman at knife point.

Before committing the crime, the three-member gang allegedly tracked the woman’s husband to a beerhall and monitored his movements. After they were convinced that the man had become drunk, they left the beerhall for his home where they pounced on the unsuspecting wife and her daughter.

The gang, which was armed with a knife, threatened to kill their victims before ransacking the entire house. Edwin Bvunzawabaya (33), Givemore Kunaka (31) and Last Sithole (30) yesterday appeared before magistrate Ms Josephine Sande charged with rape and robbery.

They were denied bail and remanded in custody to September 18 with instructions to approach the High Court for bail issues due to the gravity of their offences. Prosecuting Ms Linda Gadzikwa alleges that on September 3, the trio went to Overspill Bar and pretended to be having their drinks while monitoring the movements of some of the revellers. They spotted one of the patrons, whom they identified and waited for him to get drunk.

At around 11pm, the gang, it is alleged, left the bar leaving the man still having his drinks. They proceeded to his house fully aware that his wife would be alone with their child. The trio, the court heard, broke into the house awakening the victim and her nine-year-old daughter. Since the lights were on, it is alleged that the woman and her daughter identified the accused persons since they stayed in the same area.

One of the accused persons drew a knife and threatened to stab the victim and her daughter if they did not comply with their demands. They ordered them not to scream, before looting all their valuables, the court heard.

It is the State’s case that after ransacking the house, they manhandled the woman and her daughter at knifepoint and took them away to a secluded place near a river where they took turns to rape the woman in full view of her daughter. After the heinous act, the gang disappeared in the dark with their loot. The woman rushed back to her house with her daughter screaming for help. They were escorted to the police station by their neighbours and made a police report. Herald