BREAKING : Drama as kombi drops huge python

August 25, 2017
| Report Focus News

THERE was drama yesterday morning at Mucheke Long Distance Bus Terminus in Masvingo when a huge python measuring about 2,5 metres allegedly dropped from a commuter omnibus before the crew sped off, police confirmed.

Acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dehwa said the incident occurred at around 8 AM.

He said officers from Chikato Police Station attended the scene and notified the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

“I can confirm receiving a report of a huge python that was said to have dropped from a commuter omnibus near the bus terminus in Mucheke yesterday morning. We sent our details who could not find anyone but a bemused group of residents. We have no further details as police,” said Asst Insp Dehwa.

When The Chronicle arrived at the scene, the snake had already been taken by ZimParks.

Touts and vendors said the big reptile was in a sack.

They said the commuter omnibus, which was white in colour, arrived at the terminus without passengers.

“It made a u-turn only to drop a big snake which was in a sack,” said a witness.

Mr Marvelous Mambo, a tout at the bus terminus, said everything happened very fast.

“Only a few people saw the kombi that dropped the big snake. I spotted the kombi which is white in colour. When police arrived at the scene, the vehicle was nowhere to be found. The snake is very big and scary. You cannot imagine a normal person who is not a sangoma capturing it,” said Mr Mambo.

Mr Trynos Dzingirayi of Mucheke Suburb’s R Section said people initially gathered around the sack, with some touts speculating there could be money inside. “All hell broke loose when someone poked the sack with a stick and something moved inside. The sack became undone and the biggest snake we have ever seen, uncoiled itself from inside. People screamed and fled in different directions,” said Mr Dzingirayi.

Mr Amon Njingo, a vendor, said he suspected the snake was being used for rituals.

“There were some beads in the sack. It is suspected the three men could be self styled sangomas popularly known as tsikamutandas. Others said they also saw a white pigeon that disappeared with the owners,” said Mr Njingo.

The park authorities, vendors said, arrived promptly and took the snake which was basking in the sun.

According to the country’s laws, it is a crime to capture snakes or any wildlife for any purpose.

Many stories of people in found with huge snakes in Zimbabwe have been told and most of them have alleged that they would be using them for witchcraft. — @walterbmswazie3