ZImbabwe : 11 die, 119 injured in horror crash

August 24, 2017
| Report Focus News

Eleven people have died in a road traffic accident which occurred at 4am, Thursday morning near the Ministry of Transport workshop in Kamativi.

Ten died on the spot and the 11th one died at Kamativi clinic while 119 have been injured.

The accident occurred when the passengers heard a loud burst resulting in the driver losing control of the vehicle.

The 10-tonne truck was carrying 130 passengers from Siabuwa, Binga to Hwange where they were scheduled to attend a church conference.

According to one of the passengers who survived the accident, Mr Clever Ncube, the driver acknowledged that the truck lost brakes before they arrived in Binga.

However, due to the nagging from the passengers that they need to arrive at the conference on time, they proceeded and got to Kamativi where the situation worsened.
“We heard a loud burst so we were not sure whether it was the brakes or the tyres. So the truck just veered off the road and overturned and that’s where some of the church members died,” Ncube said.

The True Apostolic Mission pastor, Reverend Paul Mukucha confirmed that the all the victims were attending a church conference organised by his parish in Hwange.

“We were waiting for them in Hwange because we knew there church members coming all the way from Siabuwa. So this is just shocking to us,” Reverend Mukucha said.

ZRP Officer Commanding Hwange District Chief Superintendent Newton Mutumba confirmed the deaths saying the all the injured passengers have been taken to Kamativi clinic, St Patricks and Colliery hospital in Hwange where they are now receiving treatment.

“In fact what is going to be happening is that most of the injured passengers will be brought to Hwange for further treatment, especially those whose condition is very bad. We also want to appeal to motorists that they should desist from driving during odd hours as a way of avoiding police road blocks,” he said.

Among the deceased are five females, four males and two children.

Meanwhile, the names of the deceased are being withheld until their next of kin have been informed