Homeless Man ties lady, rapes her till AM

August 17, 2017
| Report Focus News

A homeless man here has appeared in court after he allegedly kidnapped a teacher who he tied to a tree and raped severally for five hours at night near a bush near Truckers Inn.

Bonface Nyambiya, 32, would take a smoke break after each sex round before pouncing on the helpless victim again.

The woman teaches at a Victoria Falls school and was looking for transport in Hwange to go back to her work on 30 June when the alleged rape took place.

Nyambiya allegedly dragged the woman from a bus stop into a nearby bush at 10PM and only released her at 3AM when he got tired, after several sex rounds.

The magistrate remanded him in custody to August 30.

Particulars of the case are that Nyambiya approached the victim who was standing at a bus stop at 10PM on June 30 and lied to her that he was also looking for transport to go to Victoria Falls.

The woman, who was alone, thought she had found company not knowing the
man had other plans.

According to prosecutor, Onias Nyathi, Nyambiya suddenly drew an iron bar and hit the woman before grabbing her by the neck.

The court heard that he dragged her to a nearby bush and while there assaulted her again before stripping her naked.

He tied her to a tree and had sex with her several times without her consent between 10pm and 3am.

Nyambiya would leave the woman and smoke a cigarette before resuming the sexual attack on her.

The court also heard that on Sunday, Nyambiya hired a prostitute for a short time sex session and the two entered a broken down truck outside the Truckers Inn.

The woman, however, changed her mind and told him she was no longer interested in sex.

Determined, the attacker threatened her with an iron bar and forcibly had sex with her twice. He then allegedly demanded money and took away $7 and a Samsung handset.

The woman positively identified him when she spotted him at the same area and informed police leading to his arrest.

The teacher was also invited by the police and positively identified him.

He was reportedly in the habit of preying on women, most of them prostitutes who solicit for sex at the Truckers Inn who he routinely hired.

He was not asked to plead to different counts of rape and one of robbery when he a