‘Grace may spark attacks on Zimbabweans in SA’

August 16, 2017
| Report Focus News

MDC-T has warned that reports of violence between First lady Grace Mugabe her son Chatunga’s girlfriend, Gabriella Engels in South Africa over the weekend might trigger retaliatory attacks on fellow Zimbabweans based in that country.

Grace assaulted Gabriella, who is a model, accusing her of dating her son.

In an interview with New Zimbabwe, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu condemned the First lady’s alleged violence saying the incident was likely going to expose fellow Zimbabweans living in the neighbouring country to attacks.

“Grace Mugabe is a disgraceful woman. Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora in South Africa will be targeted for victimization largely because of her behaviour. It’s a very unfortunate incident.

“Grace should be held personally to blame if and when Zimbabweans in South Africa are harassed as a result of her thuggish and uncouth behaviour .This crude behaviour is totally unbecoming of a First Lady,” said Gutu.

Gutu said Grace’s behaviour was not only embarrassing to the Mugabe family but to Zimbabweans also.

“Grace Mugabe is a very violent and intolerant character. How can a whole First Lady travel all the way to neighbouring South Africa to unleash wanton and senseless physical attack on a defenceless young woman? This is just goes to show that Grace Mugabe thinks that she is a law unto herself,” said Gutu.

The MDC-T spokesperson said the First Lady should play her parental role to the children instead of “beating up innocent and defenceless young women”.

“Grace Mugabe must sit down with her errant sons and teach them common decency and good behaviour. Those boys should be taught that binge drinking, drug abuse and womanizing will completely destroy them in a very short time indeed. Charity begins at home,” said Gutu.

MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said the Mugabes have become not just a global embarrassment for Zimbabweans, but a huge security risk.

“The thuggish behaviour exhibited by the First Lady in beating up a defenseless young woman is a shocking act of lawlessness unbecoming of the so-called mother of the nation, a position that is supposed to hold so much dignity, humility and inspiration.

“We view her actions as gross human rights abuse and we condemn them unreservedly and commend the South African government for acting swiftly on the matter as we urge them to allow the law to take its full course,” said Chihwayi.

MDC-T Women Assembly National Chairperson Lynette Karenyi said Grace’s behaviour is not reflective of Zimbabweans’ conduct as a people adding “as a nation and women, we are baffled, shocked and annoyed by her actions.”

Karenyi described the First Lady as a complete and utter embarrassment to the nation.

“MDC-T Women Assembly would like to assure the rest of the world, South Africa included, that mothers in Zimbabwe are not violent and they respect and uphold the rights of every human being regardless of race or class.

“Grace Mugabe has exhibited her violent nature to the whole world and is also on record stating that opposition supporters should be beaten up. We call upon SADC and other progressive forces to stop such madness ahead of the general actions next year.”

Grace was reportedly ejected from a South African hotel for the attack. Her tantrum came soon after he sons, Chatunga and Robert Junior, were reportedly chucked out of a posh flat for drunken and violent behaviour in the same country.

Fears for retaliatory attacks on Zimbabweans also come a few years after some South Africans went berserk and attacked foreigners including Zimbabweans accusing them of taking their jobs.