Zimbabwe woman I’ve slept with 1,000 men so far

August 15, 2017
| Report Focus News

A CHITUNGWIZA woman has sensationally claimed that she slept with more than 1 000 men locally and abroad as a sex worker

Joylene Musemwa of Unit N also stunningly revealed that she could lure men to her by looking them into their eyes.

Joylene confessed this last Friday at a Johanne Masowe Echishanu shrine in Chitungwiza during a church service at Madzibaba Bond Gumira (Jnr) in Unit N near Zvido Shopping Centre.

Joylene blamed her exploits on evil spirits.

“I started the sex business way back when I was in Form 2 and by that time I was living in Hwedza with a step mother after my mother had died. To date I have slept with more than 1 000 to earn a living.

“Prostitution became the last option for me to earn a living because the step mother was abusing me to the extent that I could sleep without eating.

“That is when I escaped with my friend and thought of going South Africa.

“For us to reach South Africa we were assisted by two men who had a haulage truck which was going to Johannesburg.

“To our surprise, they got interested in us and they paid rent for us to live in a flat for a period of three weeks and we were treated as their wives,” she said.

She said they moved out of the flat when the two drivers moved to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“It became difficult for us to live in the flat because the two drivers had relocated to Congo at the same time we had no money to pay the rent and we were kicked out.

“From that time I was now sleeping around with business people such as Nigerians and Muslims.

“My life started to change to the extent that I was now living a better life.

“With one Nigerian I got involved into selling drugs such as marijuana and cocaine, and I was now a renowned sex worker in South Africa.”

She added:

“I could earn more than R4000 from sex in four days, which was a lot of money.

“What made me to relocate from South Africa is that I was no longer in a good relationship with some Nigerians who used to know me because one of them wanted to marry me and he later discovered that I was a sex worker.

“The guy promised to kill me because I had lied to him that I was single and searching for a man to settle with.

“I escaped back home and from South Africa I came with more than US$4000, but all the money I used it recklessly drinking beer, as well as consuming drugs.

“Right now I have nothing with me and I used to sleep with any men to get even a dollar for me to survive.

“Also with my friend we used to steal green mealies in people’s fields tichinotengesa.”

Madzibaba Bond Gumira (Jnr) claims he is able to change the life of all wrong doers in the country.

“I am glad this woman has managed to transform and repent from her ways. The angels will be there to protect her in the new trajectories.

“These are the wonderful works of the Lord,” he said.