Picture Goes Viral : War veteran wearing anti-Grace Mugabe T-shirt

August 12, 2017
| Report Focus News

Harare – A picture of a prominent Zimbabwean war veteran wearing a T-shirt denigrating the southern African country’s First Lady Grace Mugabe has gone viral on social media.

The picture was being shared by several Zimbabweans on social media.

See the picture below. 

Zimbabwe’s former freedom fighters, who have openly declared their support for President Robert Mugabe’s deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa in the battle for the nonagenarian leader’s succession, recently called for the First Lady’s arrest after she called on her husband to name his successor.

The secretary general of the Zimbabwe National War Veterans Association, Victor Matemadanda, who is seen wearing the controversial anti-Grace Mugabe T-shirt, told a news conference in Harare recently that the First Lady should face the same consequences like his colleagues who were arrested for calling on Mugabe to step down through a communiqué.

“The same offence is now in State House, the first lady has committed the same offence from an unknown base unlike ourselves because we have a stake, but the only stake the first lady has is being married to the president,” said Matemadanda at the news conference.

“We have been waiting to hear that dockets have been opened and that riot police have gone to the State House to arrest a person who has committed a crime that we committed and that we were arrested for.

| Report Focus News

“If the application of the law is uniform, one or two scenarios should happen, one that the first lady is arrested or the expulsions and suspensions that were done on the youths chairpersons and ourselves are null and void. The suspended youths should go and lead their provinces and I and other comrades should be the in the next central committee meeting,” said Matemadanda.

However, Grace criticised Matemadanda at a rally held two weeks ago in Chinhoyi, about 100km west of Harare, saying Matemadanda should stay out of politics.

In response, Matemadanda responded by brandishing a T-shirt with Grace’s face, telling the First Lady to “control your children first”.

The controversial regalia described Grace as “a failed mum” and her sons as “unruly rogues”.

Mugabe’s two sons, Robert Jnr and Bellermine Chatunga, known for their partying lifestyle, were recently chased out of their luxurious apartment in the leafy suburb of Sandton in Johannesburg for their “unacceptable behaviour”. The duo had reportedly engaged in a violent brawl that left a security officer at the apartment block with a broken leg and arm