Say it Mr President or we will say it, Robert Jr and Chatunga wayward and violent

July 27, 2017
| Report Focus News

Say it Mr President. Say it loudly or we will say it, your sons, your own blood, are wayward and very violent. Like father like sons.

Violence and wayward behaviour is not tolerated outside the boundaries of Zimbabwe, a country led by the violent who are boastful of their degrees in violence, a country where Matabeleland genocide is viewed as an act of heroism

Two years back you were too quick to accuse Kalangas of being involved in criminal activities in South Africa. Let us hear you tell the world that your sons, Robert Jr and Chatunga were chased away from the Arab Emirates and as recent as last week they were kicked out of an apartment in South Africa. The reason being unbecoming and unacceptable behaviour, violence, use or abuse of banned substances.

Most Matabele young people are in South Africa as political and economic refugees while your two sons are in the same place in pursuit of luxury and good life.

They grew up in a violent environment where ZANU pf zealots and the first family are a law unto themselves. The land where over 40 000 Matebeles can be butchered at the behest of the president just because they belong to an unwanted tribe. The land where billions of dollars disappear into pot bellies of the corrupt government officials and the President does not care. How can he when his own sons are spending over R200 000 a month of tax payer’s money on luxury and drugs in the foreign lands.

Addressing a rally during the weekend in Lupane, you commanded ZANU pf youths to take the law into their hands and beat up people.

Your sons belong to the same rogue ZANU pf Youth League. When they exported violence and indiscipline to foreign countries they had forgotten or they are not aware at all that that in other countries, all are equal before the law.

Violence begets violence, him who plants seeds of division reaps division.It is ZANU pf’s divisive, corrupt and violent tendencies that have caused Matabeles to seek restoration of the statehood of Matabeleland as quickly as possible.

Izenzo kungemazwi!