Renowned actor, Gringo wants to meet Zodwa Wabantu

July 27, 2017
| Report Focus News

Renowned actor, Gringo (real name Lazarus Boora), has requested to meet his purported look alike, South African entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu, who will be visiting Bulawayo this weekend to party

Gringo, according to Club Connect officials, has said he is prepared to travel to Bulawayo to see the person whom most have been nagging him about saying she looks like him.

Zodwa is expected in the city on Saturday with Gringo indicating that he will travel tomorrow to meet her.

“Someone sent me a picture of this Zodwa saying I look like her. I looked at her closely and think she may be a relative so I really want to meet her.

“I’ll be travelling to Bulawayo on Friday just to meet and get to know her,” said Gringo.

He said meeting Zodwa will also be good for him as he will also take notes from her.

“Zodwa has established herself as a top entertainer in South Africa and since I’m also in the arts industry, it’ll be a good opportunity for me to network with her to better my acting career.”

Club Connect spokesperson, Zandile Moyo, said Gringo was welcome to come to their club where Zodwa Wabantu will be partying.

“Zodwa is coming to party at our club and since Gringo wants to meet her, we welcome him to the club. It’ll be good to have the lookalikes dancing on one dancefloor and who knows, Zodwa may turn out to be Gringo’s sister,” said Moyo.

She said they were anticipating Zodwa’s arrival on Saturday.

“If all goes according to plan, Zodwa will be in Bulawayo at lunch time on Saturday. We’ll take her around town as she wants to have a tour of the city before partying hard in the evening. The Chronicle