Zimbabwe Is Run By Few People for Zanu PF Purposes

July 26, 2017
| Report Focus News

Presidential candidate Dr. Nkosana Moyo says the government of Zimbabwe is currently being run by Zanu PF like a party entity with politicians seriously dividing people on the basis of their tribe for political purposes.

In an exclusive interview with studio 7, Dr. Moyo said he launched the Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) in order to ensure that citizens are capable of running their own government.

He said at the moment Zanu PF is running the nation like some party property.

“When you run a country you must run it for everybody, so we attempted to find a word (APA) that would imply or communicate to Zimbabweans that all of them are welcome to belong to this umbrella organization. Secondly, for the people’s agenda, Zimbabwe at the moment is not being run for the people, it’s being run for a select group of individuals … It’s being run for a party.

“Government should be for the people but evidently for anybody who is Zimbabwean … who has experienced Zimbabwe would know that government is running the country for itself and at best the party of membership of Zanu (PF).

He further noted that there was no unity among Zimbabweans who have been seriously divided by politicians.

“We are fragmented … The politicians have come in and told us that you are Ndebele, you are Shona, you are Manyika, you are Zezuru and so on and so on. But when you look at the behavior of Zimbabweans in their daily lives you will notice that they don’t use these things.

“We have got a lot of intermarriages across all of these divisions. So, the first thing we are saying is that Zimbabweans need, deserve a government, an administration that inclusive and fosters unity because a population that is not united will not succeed.”

The former Zimbabwean cabinet minister resigned his post under protest in 2001 and left for South Africa after claiming that he was unable to work under President Robert Mugabe, whose party lacked vision and trust of the electorate.

Mr. Mugabe will contest the presidential election next year at the age of 94.