Zimbabwe: Elephant kills tour guide in Victoria Falls park

July 25, 2017
| Report Focus News

Warning: This story contains graphic details that some readers may find upsetting.

An elephant that gives tourist rides has killed its handler in Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls National Park.

Enock Kufandada was looking after several domesticated elephants when one of them charged at him on Saturday.

No-one saw the elephant attack but they heard the screams and trumpeting of the elephant, Brent Williamson from the tour operator told the BBC.

The elephant has since been put down.

“I heard him screaming and crying for help, but it was just for seconds,” an unnamed eyewitness told Zimbabwe’s Newsday newspaper.

“I then rushed to check on him and that is when I met the elephants walking on the road and I spotted Mbanje [the elephant] following from behind covered with blood all over.

“My blood went cold and I already knew what I was about to witness… he was torn apart, all body parts were ravaged.”

According to the Chronicle newspaper, Mr Kufandada’s son went to the scene of the accident on Sunday and “helped pick up some body parts that were scattered all over the place”.

The tour operator, Adventure Zone, describes the rides it offers on its website as “elephant back safaris” where tourists “get close to these giants and interact with them”.

It adds that “each elephant is under the charge of a handler – the trips are lead by a professional guide, who is armed and carries a first aid kit and handheld radio”.