‘Flying’ Zimbabwe President Mugabe now in Mauritius…

March 20, 2017
| Report Focus News

Harare – ‘Flying’ Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has made his fourth foreign trip in 19 days, this time to Mauritius, according to a report on state ZBC radio.

| Report Focus NewsMugabe’s frequent foreign trips during a time of economic difficulty in Zimbabwe have provoked criticism back home.

Since March 1, the 93-year-old has visited Singapore, Ghana, Swaziland and now Mauritius.

Said ZBC on its website on Sunday: “President Robert Mugabe has arrived in Port Louis, Mauritius to join other heads of state and government, captains of industry and intellectuals for the inaugural African Economic Platform (AEP).”

“President Mugabe was warmly welcomed at Ramgulan International Airport by the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Mr Provin Jugnauth, several ministers from the government of Mauritius, and representatives from the African Union (AU),” the report said.

“The flying president,” commented Zimbabwe law lecturer @Wamagaisa on Twitter.

Mugabe has previously been nicknamed Zimbabwe’s ‘visiting president’ by critics. His spokesperson recently defended his foreign trips, arguing that “diplomacy costs”.