Mimosa mine donates goods to Mberengwa flood victims

March 13, 2017
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Talent Chapanduka

A number of days after Tropical cyclone Dineo most people across the country are still trying to come to terms with disasters which were left by floods. Mberengwa is among the districts which were affected by the floods that damaged crops, livestock, power lines and roads.

Mberengwa floods have attracted the aid of Mimosa mine which is located 32km from Zvishavane that have donated maize, sugar, potatoes, onions, beans and blankets to people who were affected by floods.
The floods mainly damaged major bridges which connect villagers to schools shopping areas. Bridges which were destroyed include Zverenje, Chizungu and Chegato.

| Report Focus News

Speaking at a ceremony held to donate goods to flood victims Mr Winston Chitando said the food and goods which were donated did not match with the number of victims and therefore there is need to raise more funds and they will be a fundraising dinner to be hosted in Harare where partners will raise more money for the victims.
“We are going to host a fundraising dinner in Harare where partners will contribute cash towards the flood victims,” he said.

According to sources in Mberengwa more than 200 homesteads were affected by floods and 30 school children who are day scholars could not return from school and pupils are said to have stopped to go to school due to roads which were damaged and broken bridges.

Chegato High School in Mberengwa has reported lack of power as a result of damaged electricity poles not working.
Mr Whit Mukona who is Mberengwa District Administrator said Mberengwa is among the areas which were much hit by floods so far.

Speaking at the ceremony he said the need for aid was urgent.
“The bridges which were damaged are the ones that bridge communities to schools and clinics and a total of 200 homesteads were affected,” he said.

Cde Walter Chidhakwa Minister of Mines and Mining Development said the cabinet will partner with mines to repair areas which were damaged by floods.

Meanwhile in Matebeland North province people in rural areas are not able to reach the safety of clinics and schools.

Some of the major concerned which rose after the relocation of people in low lying flat lands is the people living downstream as overflowing dams are continuing to swell.
According to the Minister of Local government, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, recent floods in Zimbabwe have killed 246 people inuring 128 individuals and 2,000 people are currently homeless.

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