Citizens Coalition for Change Announces Shadow Cabinet

May 25, 2024
Jameson Timba | Report Focus News
CCC Chief Administrator Jameson Timba

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party has announced its shadow cabinet, aiming to provide a robust alternative to the current government. Chief Administrator Jameson Timba revealed the lineup on Friday.

The new shadow cabinet comprises 16 Shadow Ministers and their deputies, whose primary roles include scrutinising government policies, proposing alternatives, and representing CCC’s values and principles in public and parliamentary debates.

In a statement, the CCC outlined the duties of the shadow ministers, highlighting their role in holding the government accountable, developing and promoting alternative policies, and communicating the party’s message to the public through various media channels.

Shadow Cabinet Members

  • Finance, Economic Development & Investment Promotion: Corban Madzivanyika
  • Justice, Legal & Parliamentary Affairs: Agency Gumbo
  • Defence & Liberation Veterans Affairs: Shakespear Hamauswa
  • International Relations: Gladys Hlatywayo
  • Home Affairs & Security: Martin Mureri
  • Industry & Commerce: Mirriam Matinenga
  • Women’s Affairs, Community, Small & Medium Enterprise Development: Ellen Shiriyedenga
  • Local Government, National Housing and Public Works & Social Amenities: Ropafadzo Makumire
  • Mines, Energy & Power Development: Leslie Mhangwa
  • Education, Youth, Sport & Recreation: Takudzwa Moyo
  • Labour, Manpower Development, Public Services & Social Welfare: Sithabisiwe Moyo
  • ICT & Courier Services and Media & Broadcasting Services: Darlington Chigumbu
  • Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water & Rural Development: Brian James
  • Transport & Infrastructure Development: Zivai Mhetu
  • Environment, Climate, Tourism, Hospitality & Wildlife Management: Joana Mamombe
  • Health & Child Care: Daniel Molokele

Deputy Shadow Ministers

  • Defence & Liberation Veterans Affairs: Jabulani Hadebe
  • Education, Youth, Sport, Culture & Recreation: Desire Moyo
  • ICT, Media & Broadcasting Services: Gift Mambipiri
  • Transport & Infrastructure Development: Lovemore Jimu
  • Labour, Manpower Development, Public Services & Social Welfare: John Kuka
  • International Relations, Cooperation & Trade: Innocent Zvaipa
  • Health & Child Care: Shine Gwangwaba
  • Home Affairs & Security: Maxwell Mavhunga
  • Industry & Commerce: Solani Moyo
  • Environment, Tourism & Climate Change: Desire Nkala
  • Women’s Affairs, Community, Small & Medium Enterprise Development: Judith Tobaiwa
  • Agriculture: Madalaboy Ndebele
  • Local Government: Jongson Matambo
  • Energy & Mines: Prosper Mutseyami

The CCC’s announcement marks a significant step in Zimbabwe’s political landscape, as the party seeks to challenge the ruling government and advocate for transparency and accountability.