Saintfloew accuses Holy Ten of being “annoying and desperate”

May 15, 2024
Saintfloew and Holy Ten | Report Focus News
Holy Ten and Saintfloew

Zimbabwean music stars Saintfloew and Holy Ten find themselves embroiled in escalating tensions as Saintfloew accuses the later of incessantly stalking him on social media. The artist behind the hit “Silas Mavende” recently vented his frustration, alleging that Holy Ten’s repeated social media outbursts are a desperate cry for attention.

Seeking to dispel rumors of a potential collaboration, Saintfloew unequivocally denied any such plans, bluntly stating, “I am not going to release any music with Holy Ten. He is childish, constantly dropping my name just to grab some spotlight.”

The artist further criticized Holy Ten’s behavior, labelling it as irksome. He claimed that Holy Ten’s online presence solely revolves around snapping pictures and shooting videos with him, creating a false illusion of camaraderie. “It’s annoying how he follows me around just to snap pictures and shoot videos, trying to paint a picture of us being on good terms,” he remarked.

According to Saintfloew, their professional ties were severed long ago, and he remains resolute in his refusal to collaborate with the ‘Mwana ndakubirai’ hitmaker again. He insinuated that Holy Ten’s fixation on him borders on obsession and urged him to acknowledge their diverging paths. “He seems fixated on me or something, but it’s high time he accepts that we’re headed in different directions,” Saintfloew commented.

Both musicians boast significant success in the Zimbabwean music scene, drawing sizable crowds locally and internationally, solidifying their positions as household names in the industry. However, their ongoing public spat has captured the attention of fans and media, shedding light on the cutthroat nature of the music business and the personal conflicts that can arise between artists.