The Battle of Zimbabwean Music Titans: Winky D vs Holy Ten at NAMA Awards!

March 9, 2023
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Holy Ten1 1200x800 1

Holy Ten stole the show at this year’s National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) ceremony with his electrifying performance. The rapper, who has been making a name for himself in Zimbabwe’s music industry, delivered a unique blend of hip-hop and Afro-pop that left the audience spellbound and earned him a standing ovation.

The NAMA awards, Zimbabwe’s premier annual awards ceremony for the arts and culture sector, recognize outstanding achievements in various categories. This year’s ceremony was no exception, with Holy Ten emerging as one of the most talked-about performers.

However, the drama did not end with Holy Ten’s performance. The ongoing feud between Holy Ten and fellow artist Winky D continued to make headlines. The two artists have been embroiled in a war of words, each trying to outdo the other in terms of talent and popularity.

Despite the controversy surrounding their feud, both Holy Ten and Winky D are undeniably talented artists who have made significant contributions to Zimbabwe’s music scene. Holy Ten’s NAMA performance has earned him even more fans and accolades, while fans are eagerly anticipating Winky D’s response.

The battle between these two Zimbabwean music titans has added to the vibrancy of the music industry and has showcased the wealth of talent in the country. With both artists pushing each other to greater heights, it remains to be seen what their next move will be.

In conclusion, this year’s NAMA awards were a success, with Holy Ten’s performance being a standout moment. The ongoing feud between Holy Ten and Winky D has only added to the excitement and anticipation among fans. As Zimbabwe’s music industry continues to grow and evolve, we can expect more outstanding performances and talented artists to emerge.