Robbers Steal Over $20,000 in Two High-Profile Incidents in Harare

May 13, 2024
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armed robber001

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are investigating two high-profile robberies in Harare that resulted in losses exceeding $20,000 in cash and valuables, prompting an increase in security measures across the city.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, spokesperson for the ZRP, detailed the first incident that occurred on the night of May 11 in Southlea Park. He explained that four unidentified men, armed and travelling in a silver Mercedes Benz C-Class, confronted a resident at his gate.

“The suspects, wielding pistols, forced the victim inside his house, ransacked the property, and made off with a pistol, two cell phones, and approximately $5,500 in cash,” Nyathi said. The criminals also disabled the house’s CCTV system and fled the scene in the victim’s car, a white Toyota GD6.

A similarly violent robbery took place two days earlier in the affluent suburb of Greendale. On May 9, three masked assailants armed with bricks and logs broke into a family home, assaulting the occupants and escaping with jewellery worth $61,000 and $16,800 in cash. “The attack on a household in such a secure and plush neighborhood has left the community deeply unsettled,” added Nyathi.

The ZRP has issued a call for any information regarding the incidents and urged the public to assist in the search for the suspects. The police are intensifying patrols and have reiterated the importance of community vigilance in response to the crimes.

Authorities are particularly concerned about the rise in organized crime in the region and are appealing to residents to report any suspicious activities to their nearest police station.