President Mnangagwa Establishes Commission to Investigate Harare City Council Governance

May 10, 2024
Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the governance of the Harare City Council since 2017. Retired Justice Maphios Cheda will lead the commission as Chairperson, with the Permanent Secretary for Local Government and Public Works serving as Secretary.

The commission has been tasked with investigating various aspects of the council’s management, including financial systems, compliance with relevant laws, and the handling of council assets. The inquiry will specifically focus on revenue generated through special vehicle companies, outsourced arrangements, and the reasons behind the failure of the Enterprise Resource Planning system.

In addition, the commission will review the procedures for leasing or transferring city properties, the adherence to rules in council meetings, and compliance with procurement and disposal laws.

President Mnangagwa emphasized that the inquiry is in the public interest, aiming to ensure transparency and accountability. The commission will have six months to complete its work, with an option to extend by three months if needed. Its final report must be submitted within three months after the inquiry concludes.

The commission has also been given the authority to summon witnesses, conduct visitations, and consider any other matters deemed relevant. Hearings may be held both publicly and privately, depending on the inquiry’s requirements.

The investigation could potentially lead to significant changes in Harare City Council’s governance as the commission seeks to uncover areas for improvement and make appropriate recommendations.