Passion Java’s ‘Night of Wonders’ Falls Short as Stadium Crowd Stays Away

May 10, 2024
Passion Java's 'Night of Wonders' Falls Short as Stadium Crowd Stays Away | Report Focus News
Passion Java's 'Night of Wonders' Falls Short as Stadium Crowd Stays Away

The highly anticipated religious event hosted by controversial ZANU PF activist and self-proclaimed prophet, Passion Java, at Harare’s National Sports Stadium on Thursday night, witnessed a turnout that fell significantly short of expectations. Dubbed the “Night of Wonders,” the event aimed to fill the 60,000-seater stadium but was ultimately attended by a much smaller crowd.

In the lead-up to the event, Java had boldly vowed that he would abandon preaching altogether if he failed to fill the stadium. Despite his prior claims and collaborative efforts with ZANU PF to mobilize supporters and transport them to the stadium, the turnout was lackluster, leaving many seats unoccupied.

Reports indicate that the organizers worked closely with ZANU PF to facilitate travel arrangements for party supporters. Nonetheless, despite these significant logistical and promotional efforts, thousands of people opted not to attend.

Java, who has gained notoriety for his controversial conduct, including speaking in unintelligible utterances he describes as “tongues,” now faces scrutiny following the event’s underwhelming attendance. The low turnout raises questions about the public’s reception of Java’s religious messaging and his alliance with the ruling party.