Zimbabwean Entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo Pledges US$850,000 in Cars to ZANU PF Youths

May 3, 2024
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Zimbabwean Entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo Pledges US$850,000 in Cars to ZANU PF Youths

Zimbabwean entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo has pledged to spend US$850,000 to purchase 100 Toyota Aqua vehicles for distribution among ZANU PF youths across the country’s 10 provinces. The beneficiaries, according to Chivayo, will be those who actively participated in the party’s campaign during the 2023 harmonised elections.

Chivayo stated, “These vehicles will be randomly distributed equally across the country’s 10 provinces, to the deserving youths who were outstanding and worked tirelessly during the election period.”

The commitment to reward these youths follows Chivayo’s history of bestowing gifts on various local artists and entertainers. However, his focus has now turned towards supporting the ruling party’s younger members, emphasizing that the gesture is a token of appreciation for their hard work and loyalty.

Responding to criticisms from comedian King Kandoro, who satirized the magnanimity of party loyalists like Chivayo, the businessman defended the ruling party’s integrity and the importance of respecting its contributions to Zimbabwe’s independence. Chivayo remarked, “The revolutionary party ushered us the independence which we celebrate and enjoy to this very day and therefore equally deserves some measure of respect.”

Chivayo dismissed any aspirations for political office, insisting that his activities are purely out of generosity and support for the party. He added, “I am fully aware of how similar-minded comedians have masked their sarcasm and ridicule through humour, following the shallow footsteps of failed opposition political outfits.”

He also indicated plans to consult with ZANU PF leadership and provincial officials to ensure the fair distribution of the vehicles, stating, “I will first of all seek the requisite permission from the party leadership, then liaise with the Minister of each Province and Provincial chairmen to ensure that appropriate and deserving beneficiaries receive their recognition.”

This move comes amid a backdrop of mixed reactions from the public, with some praising Chivayo’s generosity, while others speculate on the implications of such gifts on the political landscape and party dynamics.