Uebert Angel Faces Police Investigation Over Alleged Assassination Plot

May 2, 2024
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Uebert Angel Faces Police Investigation Over Alleged Assassination Plot

Harare, Zimbabwe: Uebert Angel, the leader of GoodNews Church (Spirit Embassy) and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s special envoy to the Americas and Europe, is under scrutiny after shocking claims surfaced linking him to a plot to assassinate Apostle Batsirai Java of Tabernacle of Grace Church in Harare.

The allegations emerged when a report was filed on April 26 at Harare Central Police Station, implicating Angel in an alleged conspiracy involving two suspected South African assassins. These hitmen were reportedly hired to target Apostle Java, sparking a police investigation into the matter.

The rift between Angel and Batsirai Java, has been fuelled by Angel who is allegedly trying to control Harare in particular by getting prominent Christian leaders to submit to him by pledging allegiance and loyalty to him. However, man of integrity such as Batsirai Java and the likes of well respected leaders like Bishop Tudor Bismark have distanced themselves from him. Uebert Angel has a long history of alleged misconduct from abuse to petty crimes years ago he left Harare in a rush after a scandal involving a Bentley, the same has been marred by accusations of extortion and blackmail that he allegedly orchestrated.

Java, who has one of the most stable and established mature churches has been embroiled in a bitter feud with Angel, further exacerbated by familial ties to Mnangagwa’s ally, ‘prophet’ Passion Java.

The recent twist in the feud unfolded when Nigel Dutiro, Java’s security aide, approached the police with information regarding the alleged plot involving South African mercenaries. Dutiro confirmed filing the report but refrained from divulging further details due to the ongoing police investigation.

It’s believed that the alleged assassination plot was brought to light by Sharon Munro, a woman reportedly based in South Africa. Munro, who visited Zimbabwe in March, was overheard discussing the elaborate scheme against Java at a prominent venue in Harare’s Borrowdale suburb.

According to sources familiar with the investigation, the plan involved two South African operatives, only identified as Mkhwananzi and Ndimande, who entered Zimbabwe through Beitbridge before proceeding to Harare. However, the scheme was thwarted after Munro leaked details of the plot, prompting the mercenaries to return home empty-handed.

While Java was questioned by the police as part of the ongoing investigation, he remained guarded in his comments, acknowledging the police report made by a member of his church.

Despite numerous attempts to reach him for comment, Angel has remained silent on the matter. Last year, he faced controversy following an Al Jazeera documentary exposing illicit gold trading and money laundering involving influential figures in Zimbabwe and the region. Angel was recorded offering undercover journalists access to Mnangagwa and his wife for a fee, along with promises to facilitate large-scale gold smuggling and money laundering using his diplomatic status