Uebert Angel Reportedly Hires Hackers to Erase Damning Online Articles

May 30, 2024
655c04e3 4e3d 4bb1 ade5 c3640495cbd1 | Report Focus News
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Prominent preacher Uebert Angel is alleged to have employed hackers to scrub negative stories about him from online news sites. One such targeted site is ZimEye.

A source from ZimEye informed Report Focus News that their website has faced multiple hacking attempts. The source revealed a new tactic: Angel’s team is now targeting hosting companies, bombarding them with complaints and legal threats to force the removal of articles unfavorable to Uebert Angel.

One particular article under scrutiny was published by ZimEye on March 10, 2021:

Multiple Sources Say Police-Wanted Uebert Angel Has Left UK for Zimbabwe

By A Correspondent | Multiple sources have reported that controversial preacher Uebert Angel’s passport has been logged in Zimbabwe in the last week. The preacher reportedly traveled after British police opened several cases against him, including multiple accounts of rape and fraud.

According to ZimEye, after a six-year investigation exposing Angel, sources indicated that he fled the UK and arrived in Zimbabwe on Friday. “He arrived on Friday,” one source said. Another added, “he entered via the Chirundu border post.” A reliable ZANU PF source in parliament also confirmed his presence in Zimbabwe.

Angel’s flight follows donations of mealie meal to both ZANU PF and MDC Alliance constituencies in an operation similar to that of Shepherd Bushiri, who escaped South Africa while on bail for money laundering. The funds used for these donations were reportedly stolen from a British fund.

Additionally, Angel has been implicated in several medical frauds in the UK. Two notable cases involve:

Fake Doctor 1: Wilfred Franco

Franco, who verifies miracles in Angel’s London church and healing school, is not registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and lacks a medical degree.

Fake Doctor 2: Latoya Lewis

Lewis, who verifies miracles in Angel’s Birmingham and London branches, is also not on the GMC register. Investigations revealed she did not study medicine at the University of Birmingham, as claimed, and is instead a Physician Associate, not a licensed doctor. Both the police and the hospital are now investigating this fraudulent claim.

The allegations against Uebert Angel highlight serious issues of fraud and deception within his ministry, raising concerns about the ethics and legality of his actions.