Community in Shock as Recently Released Siblings Commit Murder in Gokwe

April 29, 2024
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crime scene do not cross

Two brothers, just out of prison, have plunged their community in Chemagora, Gokwe into horror after murdering their uncle over a family dispute on April 23, 2024. The altercation, which began over a disagreement regarding a household water tank, quickly escalated, leading to a fatal outcome.

Evans Mpamhanga, 25, and his brother Elvis, 21, confronted their uncle Forever Sikochi about the issue, which turned violent when Sikochi fled from threats of violence. The brothers then encountered another uncle, Kiddny Mpamhanga, 62, whom they accused of reporting them for a supposed gun theft. In a violent rage, they beat Kiddny with logs and stones until he died.

The murder occurred under the eyes of their father, Kennedy Mpamhanga, who was present during the tragic event. After the killing, the brothers, along with their parents, informed another uncle, Job Mpamhanga, 76, of the gruesome act. During this disclosure, approximately ten men armed with axes, machetes, and knobkerries attacked Evans and Elvis, leaving them unconscious.

The siblings were taken to Gokwe South District Hospital with serious injuries, where they remain under police guard. Meanwhile, Kiddny’s body was transported to Gokwe Hospital mortuary awaiting autopsy.

Authorities are now actively searching for the assailants. They are emphasizing the importance of legal justice over vigilante acts, reminding the public of the sanctity of life and the necessity of handling disputes through lawful means.